Westside Reunion - April 17, 2010
Sierra Railroad Seminar FlyerPictures from last year

Event is April 29, 2017.

For tickets purchased before April 27th doors will open at 8:45 AM for those signing up at the door the doors open at 9:00 AM

As of April 26, 2017 have 45 tables rented with over 30 vendors. 4 vendors are bringing their own tables. No tables left.

Could use help on Friday night to set up. If you can help and would like to call me at 408-505-2727 It will be late in the evening. Vendors can come after 7:00 AM on Saturday.

If you want a table call me to add you to a wait list. Frank 408-505-2727.

Have over 110 signed up so far!

Have 6 clinics - more on that later - 2 are short.

Lined up over 40 door prizes so far. I had a large donation of some O scale models for door prizes and hope to lineup some HO items etc.

This coming year there will be some minor changes including a slide show of the winning models after lunch and an award for the Best In Show model.

Being the 30th year we will also have a special award TBD.

Don't forget the Sierra Seminar is the day after the West Side Reunion on Sunday

April 30, 2017 at the Sonora Senior Center!

Dr. Muff will be presenting at the Sierra Seminare - not to be missed by West Side Fans!!!

There will be a special event on Friday - check back to see details. Will have the details after April 2nd. Event will be at Table mountain.

Link to West Side 2017 Flier

LInk to Sierra Seminare 2017 Flier

Link to Combined West Side Reunion and Sierra Seminare 2017 Flier

Here are a few photos from last year:




Take a break from your usual routine
and try logging modeling.

We think you’ll find the hobby interesting and will challenge your modeling skills.

With many eras and a wide variety of logging methods, there is something to appeal to any modeler.

From complex structures –

– to interesting and unique rolling stock, this hobby has much to offer.

If mining is of interest, any number of prototype railroad mining operations would be a good basis for a model railroad, such as The Merced Gold Mining Company pictured here.

Modeling the unique world of mining offers the same challenges and modeling possibilities that modeling logging equipment does. From the most complex of structures,

to some of the most unusual equipment, the modeler’s talents and imagination are fully engaged.


Vendor List

Example of Award plaques given out in the past years-

Click Pictures to Enlarge

Jim Vail, Jack Burgess, and Dave Braun

The Logging & Mining Modeler's Convention is a great place to meet and talk to fellow modelers. Jim Vail, Jack Burgess, and Dave Braun are taking a few moments to discuss a subject or two.

Glenn Tyra Glenn Tyra started it all by hosting the first "West Side Reunion" in his home way back in February of 1986. There were a total of 18 attendees including Glenn's Mom.
Click Photo to Enlarge! Model railroad hobbyists can find a wide variety of model railroad equipment in the Logging & Mining Modeler's Convention dealer sales area. All scales, including N, HO, S, O, and G, are represented. Antique logging, mining, and railroad memorabilia, photographs, books, videos, and souvenirs are also available at the show.
Click Photo to Enlarge! Sometimes you have to hunker down low to see all the details of a scale model log car, ore car, caboose, locomotive or some other piece of logging/mining railroad equipment on display at the Logging & Mining Modeler's Convention. Visitors can see scale model equipment representing hardware from the 19th century all the way to modern times.
Click Photo to Enlarge! Skillfully assembled scale models of lumber mills, engine houses and all kinds of logging, mining and railroad equipment are on display at the Logging & Mining Modeler's Convention.
Click Photo to Enlarge! Informative clinics that cover model building, historical and technical aspects of logging and mining history and the model railroading hobby are part of the Logging & Mining Modeler's Convention. Shown is Joel Bragdon, presenting a clinic on mold making and casting for modelers.

News! There were over 35 Vendor tables last year and over 60 door prizes given out.

So come join us as we celebrate our 30th year!

Included in the event are informative and entertaining clinics presented by experts in the field of model railroad construction and operation, railroad, mining and logging history and the technical aspects of those areas. Professional photographers, researchers, film makers, historians and others keep the audiences entertained and interested with their well presented programs.

A major part of the event is the model contest that’s open to models in all scales and representing all kinds of railroad, mining and logging equipment including structures and dioramas. Voting for the winners is by popular ballot, with each attendee allowed one vote. We have revised the rules for the contest and added several new categories and will include First, Second, and Third Place plaques in all categories as well as one ”Best Of Show” Award. We heartily encourage anyone to bring models for the contest, even if they are only slightly related to mining, logging and/or railroading. Our judge will help you determine the most appropriate category for your model.

There’s also a large and well-stocked dealer area where attendees can find a wide variety of model railroad and logging related items to purchase. Children’s toys, shirts, hats, video tapes, books and photographs are among the treasures to be discovered in the convention’s dealer sales area.

Admission price for the all day event is $25.00 per person. 8 ft. Dealer tables are available for $35.00 for the first table, which includes 1 Pass. Each additional 8 ft. table is $10.00. Each additional person at your table(s) is $25.00 for their pass. Tickets are available in advance or at the door. Please reserve tables early. Make all payments payable to Frank Markovich.

Food and drink will also be available for purchase at nominal prices. Very similar to what is available at Coast Division events (events).

2017 SCHEDULE (subject to change)

8:45 AM Pre-registered can enter but Vendor room opens at 9:00 AM
9:00 AM Registration at the door.  Vendor Room Opens.
9:20 AM Rod Souza on West Side Plan Development
9:45 AM Jeff Johnson 
11:00 AM Joel Bragdon - Trees - a new modeling method
12:00 AM Lunch and Presentation of contest awards
1:15 PM Jim Blain - New West Side DVD
2:15 PM Gerald French - Pickering
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Joe Piazza - West Side Lumber Company Vehicles/Equipment (1935-1954) Part 2
4:30 PM Final Remarks - Special Presention
5:00 PM Show Ends


Last update 3-28-17

This is also a chance for you to get a table (only $10 more than admission) to sell your unused items! Only 1 table left!

Don't forget this year Plaques will be handed out during the award ceremony!!!

Schedule subject to change. Thank You.

Related Activities and Events:

The 7th Annual Sierra Railway Historical and Modeling Seminar will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 30, 2017,Tickets glennsutherland@sti.net. Tickets available at the door and the Logging Modeler’s Convention. Location is Sonora Senior Center

Railtown 1897: Steam Train Excursions and Roundhouse Tours Saturday and Sunday. Please check their website at http://www.csrmf.org/railtown/default.asp for schedule.

Table mountain train ride on Friday for those at either West Side Reunion or Sierra Seminar.

Related Websites:

Also, try joining one of the discussion forums on Yahoo.com such as the West Side Lumber Co. forum, the Loyal Legion of Logged-on Loggers, Pickering Lumber Corp forum, Logging Railroad Modelers, South East Forest Industry Modeling, New England Logging and 3' Railroads, Northwest Rail Logging Society or even the Historic Sierra Railway forum. There is even a forum for Logging Railroad modelers in Europe.

Or how about Narrow Gauge? Australian Narrow Gauge Railways or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/ and search for narrow gauge groups. There are 171 different forums as of this posting.

A great group to look at:http://www.pacificmodelloggerscongress.com/ Pacific Model Loggers Congress.

The Pacific Model Loggers' Congress,http://www.pacificmodelloggerscongress.com/, is a one-day logging modeler and history event in its second decade of operation. It take place early March at the Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum in Elsie, Oregon, on the way towards the beach and from Portland. 

Some Other Railroad Groups:

Tap Line's Southeast Railroad History includes some narrow gauge and logging, or if your interest is in all industrial railways try http://groups.yahoo.com/group/industrial-railway/.

Besides meeting some pretty great people, these are a great way to share information, photos, modeling ideas and techniques.

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Check the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Museum for a number of restored West Side Rolling Stock including a couple of cabooses.